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Tax Attorney Salt Lake City

Tax Attorney Salt Lake City

Are You Being Threatened with Wage Garnishment and Bank Levy’s?

If this happens you will certainly have to act swiftly to save your next paycheck or launch your frozen savings funds.

An IRS levy activity can ice up the funds in your savings account, take the salaries from your paycheck, and make your customers delegate the money they owe you from the invoicings you have actually sent them.

Prior to a Wage Garnishment or Bank Levy is given out, the IRS needs to send you a need for repayment of the tax obligation they claim you are obligated to repay. Have you been neglecting those unpleasant letters or afraid to respond back due to the fact that the tax financial obligation you are obligated to repay? If these demands for repayment are not pleased, after that the IRS or the State can and will certainly issue a Tax Levy.

Initially a created notification is given out to your employer. This notification orders the employer to withhold a certain part of your income or salaries. This levy by the IRS to maintain a specific amount from the taxpayer’s wage can not be ignored by your employer or the employer will certainly sustain penalties and various other potential responsibilities to the federal government. For a freelance taxpayer, the IRS or the states can garnish the business’ invoices. For elders getting social security benefits, certain part of pointed out benefits can be kept.

Both of these can be raised and you can get your life back. Call us advantageous way to obtain wage and bank levy’s raised in as rapid as a week.

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